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11 Ayurvedic Plants That Will Aid in a Better Sleep

January 14, 2020 By Ankit Raj

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It is no secret that sound sleep is vital to a better functioning body. In addition, to a well-rested body, there are several other health benefits to getting quality sleep. These benefits include an increase in glucose metabolism, which promotes short term and long-term memory and overall learning capabilities. A deep and sound sleep results in better energy restoration, greater cell regeneration, greater blood supply to muscles, and several other benefits. Sound sleep also encourages the growth and repair of tissues as well as bones, and it has also been observed to bolster the immune system.

Despite knowing these advantages and realizing the importance of getting quality sleep, it has become quite a challenge with today’s lifestyle. There are several remedies to induce deep sleep, which include controlling the light during the day, restricting yourself from consuming caffeine, and not taking longer naps throughout the day. Nevertheless, these tips may not be enough. 

In such cases, instead of depending on allopathic medicines to get better sleep, ayurvedic herbs may prove to be a better alternative. Ayurvedic herbs are natural, effective, and usually do not have disastrous side effects. Some of these ayurvedic herbs discussed below may be beneficial for getting a better night’s sleep:


Jatamansi is also an effective ayurvedic remedy for deep sleep, which aids calming the mind, which in turn results in curing anxiety-induced insomnia. This ayurvedic herb also encourages deep sleep along with revitalizing the nervous system. For best results, massage Jatamansi oil on your head for a few minutes before going to sleep at night.


Lavender is one of the most common plants, used extensively as a natural product to reduce anxiety and induce sound sleep. Typically used as an essential oil either directly or infused into something, Lavender is known to slow down the heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and lower down the overall stress levels of a person.

A tip for new parents: Lavender also helps in reducing the crying in newborn babies. 


Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic herb, has a positive reputation for motivating sound sleep. It contains an active compound called trimethylene glycol, which is highly effective in inducing sleep. Ashwagandha is also valuable in relieving you from daily stress, fatigue, and anxiety, which also leads to better sleep patterns and hence improves the quality of life you get to have. 

Preparation of moon milk by adding ashwagandha powder, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, coconut oil and maple syrup to milk, and consuming it in the night time would be highly beneficial in relieving stress which in turn promotes better coordinated circadian rhythm and improved sleep.



The exotic smell of Jasmine is not only pleasant and gentle but also has a remarkably soothing effect on a person. Additionally, its calming effect on the nervous system assists in inducing a much calmer and deeper sleep. 

The smell of Jasmine also helps in increasing the overall productivity of a person throughout the day, which gets magnified after a good night’s sleep. This beautiful flower not only makes a beautiful room decoration, but keeping it in the room aids in decreasing the stress level, enabling a sound sleep.


Shankhpushpi is an ayurvedic herb that contains glycosides, flavonoids, and alkaloids that aid in pacifying the nervous system by relieving mental exhaustion. It also helps in treating anxiety neurosis by acting as a natural tranquilizer. This results in significant improvement in the quality of sleep. 

Consuming a spoonful of Shankhpushpi powder with a glass of milk and jeera (cumin seeds) before going to sleep is expected to be extremely constructive in regulating body metabolism and improving the quality of sleep.


Brahmi, an ayurvedic herb, also known as Bacopa, assists you in getting better quality sleep. It encourages restful sleep, and furthermore, it also soothes you down during menstrual cycles and mood swings. Additionally, it also functions to strengthen concentration levels and improve alertness. 

In Ayurveda, Brahmi is also contemplated to be a brain tonic. It has added benefits in treating digestive ailments, improving blood cocirculation, and aiding the body's natural healing mechanisms. One cup of Brahmi tea or powder consumed at night would go a long way in curing your deep sleep troubles.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

According to NASA, Aloe Vera is among the best natural sources to purify the air. Since it emits oxygen during the night, it makes sleeping easy and calming. The best thing about Aloe Vera is its low maintenance; hence, it doesn’t require much watering and attention. Known to soothe the mind, induce a calm sleep, and increase the overall alertness of the mind, it is rightly dubbed as the key to immortality by the ancient Egyptians. 


Vacha assists in relaxing your brain, calming your nerves, and in turn, relieves insomnia. It is contemplated to be a tonic to the nervous system by warding off stress and treating other factors that prevent a night of good quality sleep. A combination of Vacha with Amla and Brahmi powder, when consumed at night, with water, is proven to be helpful in improving sleep.


Sarpagandha, also known as the ‘Indian Snakeroot’, is also considered useful in inducing quality sleep. It contains compounds like alkaloids, which is effective in reducing high blood pressure, which is a factor that causes sleep issues. 

Sarpagandha should be taken only if it is prescribed by an authorized Ayurveda professional as the self-medication of this herb may prove to be dangerous. It is suggested that only a standardized extract must be consumed after consulting with a healthcare professional.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

This amazing plant’s abilities are no less than superpowers in the current world. Known to remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air, this plant is one of the most effective natural air purifiers and humidifiers. It regulates the humidity in the room and ensures that air has enough moisture for a person to sleep peacefully. 

In other words, Peace Lily can be used as a replacement for electric humidifier minus the continuous noise and expense. All they require is getting watered once a week, and they are good to go. 


Just like Jasmine, these white beauties have the ability to calm a person. They come with a sweet scent and an aesthetic look, capable of inducing sleep for those who are attracted to its scent. 

A study conducted in Dusseldorf’s University Heinrich Heine in 2010 stated that Gardenia has the relaxation properties as Valium. This means that a person facing difficulty in sleeping can opt to keep a flower of Gardenia next to their pillow instead of popping in a sleeping pill. Amazing! Right?

These alternatives may be helpful, but it is important to understand that they need to be taken judiciously and consistently for better results. Also, it is important to get proper medical advice and consultation before consuming any herbs as your body may be allergic to something which can only be diagnosed after proper ayurvedic consultation with an expert. Stay happy and healthy!

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