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Best Mattress Brands in India

August 27, 2018 By Ankit Raj

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A good night’s sleep is the best gift you can give your self to kick-start a brand new day in the best possible way.

And for a pleasant and sound sleep, there are three things you need to keep in mind – a meal two hours before you hit the bed, clearing your mind from any trace of negative thoughts and last but not the least, a comfortable mattress.

Where the first two can or cannot be controlled based on the circumstances and your willpower, the option for resting on a good mattress is completely in your hands.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mattress brands in India that you can buy online and tick off one hurdle to a good night’s sleep.

Wink and Nod


Here is a best mattress brand in India that uses only internationally certified materials for both foam and fabric. The foam is certified by CertiPUR-US and the fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX®. And while quality is taken care of, design and comfort are uncompromised as well. They have the most cutting edge and transparent design that offers 4 unique layers. The topmost layer is removable and comprises of a breathable mattress cover made of bamboo fiber that is easy to wash; underneath lies a cool gel memory foam and a high density support foam that ensures you enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep while the lowermost layer is a non-slip base layer that offers optimal support and temperature control.

Their memory foam is the thickest available in the market and they offer a 100-day trial where you can claim a full refund in case you don’t like the mattress within 100 days. Over and above this, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.

Wink and Nod mattresses are not only made of non-toxic materials, they are well researched and created to ensure a sound sleep promoting good health and well-being.

They have only two products catered to the needs of the Indian customer – One is a medium soft mattress for general buyers and the other is a medium firm ortho-mattress meant for people with back pain.

Price: Rs 25,974

Learn more about the mattress here 


Kurl-on New Spinekare Coir Mattress

Much before other players entered the category of branded mattresses, Kurl-on ruled the show.

Giving stiff competition to the unorganized players, Kurl-on went on to introduce mattresses suiting the budget of an average Indian home.

This mattress from Kurl-on is a tad expensive but then the name commands a price and they most certainly do justice to it too.

Certified by Hosmat hospital, this is a specially crafted orthopedic mattress designed to take care of the spinal and back problem.

After a hard day’s work, make sure to give your back the rest it deserves.

Price: Rs. 44, 053


WakeFit Dual Comfort Mattress

Imagine having the liberty to choose between sleeping on two different surfaces on any given day – medium soft or medium firm.

This Dual Comfort Mattress comes with both sides being usable surfaces.

Opposite surfaces have opposite felt in terms of hardness. One side is medium firm and the other is medium soft.

This feature is a fantastic option, especially when there is a change in season.

During summers, you can opt to rest on the softer side and winters call for a cozy sleep on the hard side.

Price: Rs. 6050

Amore Pocketed Spring Mattress (soft)



Your search for a soft spring mattress in an affordable range ends here.

With over 25 different size options to choose from, you have the liberty to pick up the one that best suits your need.

With a 10 year warranty, it is most certainly a must-have, especially for your guest room.

The mattress construction comprises of individually Pocketed Inner Springs that absorb weight and compress independently which make the mattress comfortable for you and your partner.

The mattress is hypoallergenic, mite-proof and phthalate free with a soft cover for a luxurious feel.

Price: 8,445


House of Bed Cuddly Mattress



Available on a 100-night risk-free trial, this mattress comes with Memory Foam.

The mattress is designed to evenly distribute body weight and it is sure to sink in comfortably where one presses it molding it exactly to the body shape.

These mattresses also have orthopedic features as they support the back/spine alignment relieving pressure/pain points.

Price: Rs. 12,999


Sleepyhead Mattress

Made using the right amount of firmness and with the right amount of density and bounce, this super comfortable mattress from Sleepyhead Mattress is nothing less than a revolution in the category of mattresses.

With a washable outer cover you can relax just in case there are kids around who you fear would spill something on it.

Made up of super comfortable and flexible foam, it comes in a box and you can unpack it all by yourself.

The mattress is super sturdy and apt for those who need to shift houses and live in rented apartments.

Order online at your convenience and have it delivered to your doorstep.

And just in case you are not happy with its performance, don’t worry. You can return the mattress in 100 days.

Price: Rs. 16, 599


Springfit Autograph Play Mattress


A fantastic option for a perfect sleep that will let you wake up all bright and fresh!

It has an innovative visco-elastic layer that gets refreshed with a human touch, cool gel foam that has millions of thermo-active gel capsules and these have the ability to lower the temperature of the body part that comes in contact with it by up to 4 degrees!

Price: Rs. 24, 267


Sunday Latex Plus 3 Mattress

Pick it up a zero percent EMI and in case you aren’t satisfied with it, feel free to return it within 100 days.

Sunday Latex Plus 3 Mattress is designed using material sourced from Belgium and it adheres to European standards.

Forget about disturbing your partner as you move on the mattress to get up or turn around as it comes with a zero disturbance feature.

It has a fantastic plush feel but isn’t too soft which makes it extremely comfortable to sleep.

The removable zipper cover is perfect for maintaining it.

Price: Rs. 26, 999


Springwel – Spring Mattresses – Divinity Collection

The name here speaks for itself. Divinity! The mattress promises to let you experience the feeling of sleeping on top of a fluffy cloud.

Springwel Divinity Mattress is enriched with advanced temperature-sensitive memory foam.

Its pressure relieving memory foam slab works in perfect integration with its core structure of pocketed springs, added with superior comfort and support layers.

The mattress comes with a luxurious knitted fabric with chain stitched quilting and it has individually covered pocketed springs and a high density rubberized coir sheet.

Price: Rs. 27, 783


Hush Nirvana

With a removable/washable cover,

this mattress is made using a combination of Hush’s propriety ThermoAdapt™ memory foam and two different densities of High Resilience PU (polyurethane) foam.

The different layers, contours and posture zones have been designed to keep the mattress ventilated.

With a 9 inch thickness, the mattress is perfect to let you experience sleeping on top of the world.

Price: Rs. 77, 400


Mattressbox Make your Own Mattress



We conclude with sharing an option where you can design your own mattress!

This is how far the mattress industry has reached in India where you have the comfort of sitting at home and calling all the shots to have a perfect mattress for yourself – from the foam to the fabric!

Just in 5 simple steps, you can get yourself a perfect mattress that is customized as per your instructions.

Just choose the right size and the support and comfort layer of your mattress and cover it up with a fabric of your choice.  And voila! You have your mattress your way!

From a mattress that is specially designed to take care of your back to one that promises you a cozy sleep, there is an option for any specific need that you have.

With the majority of them offering a 100 day trial period and easy return option, go ahead and gift yourself a good night’s sleep! Also, check out Wink & Nod's mattresses here.


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