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5 Reasons to Get Cool-Gel Memory Foam for Your Next Mattress

July 06, 2019 By Sandeep Prasad

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We have previously written about the importance of sleep and the impact that a good mattress can have upon sleep. We’ve also spent some time going through different types of mattresses and provided some tips on how to select the right mattress. But sometimes, it is impossible for anyone to know or compare with something they haven’t experienced yet. Cool-gel memory foam mattresses - the latest variety of the trendsetting memory foam mattresses coming into India of late - is one such reinvention of a modern product which Indian consumers are yet to fully explore.

It is with that in mind that we are providing some insight into cool-gel memory foam mattresses (a subject we are experts in - check out our wonderful range of Wink & Nod mattresses!) and give you 5 reasons to make sure that your next mattress is a cool-gel memory foam one too!

Why memory foam?

  • Nothing gives support and comfort like memory foam
    It is surprising that even in India in 2019, when we have caught up with or surpassed the world in consumer technology, the most common mattresses are still archaic spring and coir mattresses. Memory foam mattresses provide the best all-around support and comfort, whether you are sitting or lying down on it. Memory foam mattresses will help you get rid of those annoying aches and pains your old mattress will be giving you. 

  • Feel cooler on warm summer nights
    Indian summers are warm and unforgiving. The arid heat can be very difficult to deal with. Even with fans and ACs on full swing, your skin against a mattress can start feeling a bit warm and stuffy. Cool-gel memory foam is cool to the touch and allows for better air circulation so that even the warmest nights become more bearable. The cool-gel in the memory foam absorbs energy to provide the effect, and the coolness helps the body relax and helps you sleep more comfortably.

  • Avoid overheating your memory foam

    The only drawback of memory foam is that it gets warm very quickly. If you use a memory foam mattress without cool-gel, it is likely to become very warm next to your body which will affect the memory foam and make you feel sweaty in the morning. Adding cool-gel to the mix ensures that anyone lying down on the mattress will get the full support and comfort of a memory foam mattress as well as the chilly sensations of cool-gel.

  • Motion resistance for a sound sleep

    Memory foam is designed to be shock absorbent and resistant to motion - properties useful when it was being used as a cushioning element for space launches by NASA. What it does for the more terrestrially inclined humans of today is that it prevents movement on other parts of your mattress from impeding your sleep. So whether it is your partner, child, dog, or roommate jumping around on the other side of a mattress, you can still have uninterrupted sleep on your side of the mattress.

  • Longer product life
    Memory foam’s main property - of moving back towards its original shape under pressure - is negatively affected by constant heat. Memory foam mattresses without cool-gel thus tend to lose their properties and shape over time, as the constant heat of the human body at night affects it. Cool-gel memory foam mattresses, therefore, last longer and are more comfortable than conventional memory foam mattresses.

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