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Caring for your sleep means caring about your mattress

May 30, 2019 By Sandeep Prasad

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The importance of sleep and the role your mattress plays in it

According to a study conducted by Research Triangle International with Dr. Andy Krystal and Dr. Jack Edinger of Duke University, mattresses have a tangible and significant impact upon the nature and quality of our sleep. They studied over 16,000 nights of sleep for more than a 100 people to arrive at that conclusion, showing that there is a clear correlation between pain, sleep, and mattress type and quality. The study also came to another intriguing conclusion - that we are caring for sleep but very poor at selecting mattresses for ourselves which would give us pain-free sleep. 

The deepest and most relaxing stage of sleep is called the REM (“rapid eye movement”) stage. This is when we are having vivid dreams, and our eyes move rapidly under our eyelids. The reason why the rest of us is not constantly rushing about to follow our actions in our dreams is because the brain disconnects its control of the body’s muscles. However, this means that even those muscles we barely notice - like the ones around our spine responsible for our backs and posture - relax. The mattress most effective at giving us a relaxing night’s sleep is one that supports our body through this stage. Unfortunately, at this stage we have no ability to feel or measure this comfort.

What does this mean? This means that mattresses which feel comfortable when you are awake might not be doing enough when you’re in REM sleep. This is why even the mattresses which feel very comfortable as you are about to sleep might still be doing your body and health a major disservice. This is why going to a store and lying down on a mattress for a few minutes is no guarantee of its suitability for you. What you are feeling then isn’t the most important metric.

Consumers looking to buy a new mattress don’t have to despair, though. The answer is simple - they have to try mattresses for longer, sleeping on them for a few nights in a row to see how they feel in the morning. Do they feel more relaxed? Are there fewer pains and aches? These are the true measures of a mattress’ suitability for you.

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