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Memory Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress – Wading Right into Debate

December 26, 2018 By Ankit Raj

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Sleep is indeed the most precious commodity of all, particularly in today’s stressful times. If you thought 8 hours of shut-eye is enough, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is quality of sleep matters immensely. Ideally, you should be sleeping soundly and your body muscles and joints should be well rested without any pain or discomfort. Sound sleep is one of life’s greatest gifts and should not be neglected, particularly when it depends a lot on the mattress that you choose.

Quality and comfort are two key variables that come to mind when one searches for a good mattress in India. Now, when it comes to buying the best mattress for sleeping in India, there is a long-standing debate between choosing memory foam mattresses or more conventional spring mattresses for your bed. Is memory foam mattress good than spring mattress? Let's find out!

Which one's really better?

Spring mattresses do have their benefits. They last long and are inexpensive to a certain extent. However, spring mattresses do not offer adequate relief to pressure points on the body. You cannot get proper support and positioning and areas that have more weight will automatically push downwards more than others. This may lead to uneven body support and improper blood circulation. It can also lead to joint pain, body aches and a lot of tossing and turning every night!

On the other hand, high-quality memory foam mattresses have one major USP, i.e. they evenly distribute body weight. This is why the number of pressure points is majorly lowered and the quality of your sleep boosted as a result. You get better support for your body in an even manner and can keep pain at bay.

Spring mattresses start sagging after a couple of years and they do not provide total back support. Spring mattresses also have polyester tops and the space between the springs becomes a favored nesting zone for dust mites.

Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, relieve pressure and are also hypoallergenic which means that dust mites cannot get entry inside the mattress.

What about maintenance?

Spring mattresses should be rotated once in at least 3 months. This will help you lower indents on the same. Bending or folding spring mattresses may lead to breakage of the springs.

Memory foam mattresses do not require any rotation or flipping. There is no such maintenance needed apart from simply keeping the sheets and mattress cover neat and tidy.

Which one should you choose?

Undoubtedly, memory foam mattresses are the best new-age alternatives to spring mattresses. They offer even support and relieve body pressure. They help you get better comfort and sleep and that should certainly be the criterion for choosing a mattress. If you’re looking for the best memory foam mattress India, you can check out the memory foam mattresses from Wink & Nod.

These mattresses come with 1.5 inches of Gelato cool gel memory foam, Certi-Pure memory foam, and a 4-inch support foam. They relieve pain while ensuring more breath-ability. Wink & Nod is offering up to 40% off on mattresses with free shipping to any area in India. There is a free trial offer of 100 nights for customers. Wink & Nod has received wonderful reviews from customers with a whopping 98% customers giving 4/5 star ratings to their mattresses. The company has also been chosen as a top startup across various events.

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