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Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress comparison

February 13, 2019 By Keerthi Balakumar

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Even though we spend one-third of our time on them, we know very little about mattresses. A mattress is made to be a comfortable surface to lie down on. How comfortable it is depends on what fills it up, and how it feels when you lie down on it. For over a century now, springs have been used to add support and comfort to mattresses. Spring mattresses were invented way back in 1871, and even today a large number of Indian mattresses are based on this old technology. However, with the development of memory foam, we have a new kind of mattress which appears to be more comfortable. So, which one stands out when it comes to memory foam vs spring mattress?

To help you choose, we decided to provide modern Indian consumers in 2018 a reliable and ready resource to decide which kind of mattress is better.

What is memory foam, though?

Memory foam is made from a material developed by NASA in the 1960s to make better cushions for use in space. It is made from a kind of material structure which makes it yield to pressure, but it comes back to its original shape when the pressure is removed, as if the material had a ‘memory’ of what its shape was. That’s why it’s called memory foam.

The material was so converted into the perfect stuffing for mattresses. Springs are useful in mattresses because they can push back against the pressure upon them, but are limited by the spring’s diameter. The human body will only feel the spring pressure where the spring is, and not in the gaps. This means that the human body feels pressure only at certain points, and this often means that the bed is not as supporting or comfortable as it could be.

Advantage - memory foam versus spring mattresses

There are times when sleeping on a spring mattress where you will wake up with a part of your body feeling pins and needles because blood circulation got pinched off. This happens with spring mattresses, as the pressure in unequally applied. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand push back against the weight upon them. This ensures that they provide more uniform support, which is good for people’s backs and improves blood circulation.

Spring mattresses also attract dust mites and can collect dust in the spaces between the springs, which can give it a musty smell and give people allergies. Memory foam is hypoallergenic and is, therefore, better for those worried about waking up in the morning with a stuffy nose.

Maintenance and product life

The support a spring mattress provides is based on the elasticity of the springs. Over time, springs just aren’t as elastic as they used to be. This makes spring mattresses sag and lose shape over time. Memory foam mattresses retain their shape better and last longer. Unlike spring mattresses, there is no need to turn them over every 3 months.

However, there is one problem with memory foam mattresses. Memory foam retains heat, and so memory foam mattresses can heat up. Ordinary memory foam mattresses can thus be uncomfortable, especially in warm Indian summer nights.

However, to avoid this problem, Wink & Nod uses cool-gel infused memory foam. As a consequence, the surface of the mattress stays cool all night. Some variations of the mattress are even cool to touch!

Final verdict



Memory Foam



Springs yield under weight

Uniform compression

Memory Foam


Uneven support with gaps

Even distribution of weight

Memory Foam


Impedes blood circulation

Does not impede circulation

Memory Foam


Can collect dust and mites


Memory Foam


Sags, needs turning over

Doesn’t sag, long lasting

Memory Foam

Heat dispersion

Doesn’t retain heat

Retains heat


*To deal with the heat dispersion challenge, Wink & Nod uses cool-gel. This counters the heat retention problem, ensuring smooth use and the best sleep.

So there you have it - other than heat dispersion, memory foam mattresses are better than spring mattresses. If you live in a very warm area though, it might be enough for you to decide for spring instead. Just remember - if you’re looking for the perfect memory foam mattress which doesn’t retain heat, you should check out Wink & Nod’s cool-gel infused memory foam mattresses today.

Cover Image: By Tim Collins - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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