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Mistakes to avoid when buying a new mattress

April 19, 2019 By Sandeep Prasad

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Mattresses are expensive, last for years, and you spend nearly 33% of your time on a daily basis on a mattress. Choosing a mattress is an important but infrequent choice. Because of both the one-time cost and the nature of a mattress, the process of buying a new mattress is different from how we buy other products. When people try to buy mattresses in the same way they buy other products, it often leads to getting a sub-optimal mattress for their needs.

This article will list 5 of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying a new mattress.

Following word-of-mouth:

While no one is denying that the recommendations of friends or relatives is often the most reliable feedback and information we can get in such advertising-saturated times, mattresses feel different to different people. Our bodies and our resulting comfort needs are different. Going by someone else’s opinion or experience might therefore lead you astray. While no one is saying that you shouldn’t consider their opinion, you should know better than to assume that what worked for them will work for you.


Buying firm mattresses:

There is a preconceived notion among people that the more firm a mattress, the better it is for health and posture reasons. This is patently untrue. The US’ National Sleep Foundation and Dr. Kathy Gromer’s writing on Web MD makes it abundantly clear that memory foam and their soft, yielding nature is better for your back than a firm spring or coir mattress, which are likely to cause aches and sprains.

Going for the impulsive ‘deal’:

Companies have gotten better at figuring us out. They know that they can use the flash of a great deal or discount to sway you at the last moment. Don’t let the drive of wanting to get a good deal push you into making the wrong decision. Just because they say the mattress is 80% off doesn’t mean it is 4 times better than a mattress which costs the same. They will often use such discounts and deals to offload substandard products.

Falling for the initial ‘feel’:

Deciding which mattress to buy based on how it feels when you lie down on it for 10 seconds is the equivalent of judging a movie based on the opening scene. When you’re trying mattresses at a physical store, you might feel that you have made a better choice because you ‘tried’ mattresses. That just isn’t true. To really try a mattress, you need to spend at least one if not several nights sleeping on it to see how relaxed and fresh you feel the morning after. Make sure that you get a mattress with a long trial period so you can take your time and find the right mattress for yourself

Not looking at the fine print:

A good mattress will come with a long trial period, lots of impressive certifications, and a long warranty period which shows that the company believes in the product’s quality. Getting a mattress with no trial might mean that you’re saddled with an uncomfortable mattress for years. A short warranty period might imply that your mattress will not have a very long product life. Most importantly, a mattress without the right certifications might be harmful to you and your loved ones. Make sure you do your research and look carefully at things like certifications, warranties, and trial periods before you buy.

All of Wink & Nod’s mattresses come with a 10 year warranty, a 100-days trial period, and are CertiPUR-US certified to show that they are of the highest quality and meet all possible safety benchmarks.

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