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Pillow buying guide: How to find the right pillow for you?

May 14, 2019 By Sandeep Prasad

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Even with a great mattress, a bad pillow could be a pain in the neck - and not just metaphorically. Having the wrong pillow can cause wear and tear of the critical neck and shoulder muscles which are important for posture and well-being. Wondering how to find the right pillow for you? Here’s a nice pillow buying guide for India in 2019 to help you out!

How often do you need to buy a pillow? Getting the timing right

Most Indians are using polyester pillows. These should ideally be replaced every 6 months. Even the most well-constructed pillows will usually not last more than 2 years. So if your pillow hasn’t been changed in that long, you should look to get it replaced immediately.

What pillow material should I get?

There are many materials used to make pillow fillings and the fabrics which enclose them. Customers can choose from microfiber, polyester, polycotton, and cotton pillows. Today, customers can even find memory foam pillows - the latest type - which offer great comfort and last longer than other pillows.

How do you sleep? Does that affect your choice of pill

In short - Yes. Absolutely

If you sleep on your back or your front, you should get a memory foam pillow. The thin but yielding pillows provide the best possible alignment for your spine when you are lying down. If you like to sleep on your side, you should get a microfiber pillow which is thicker and will keep your spine aligned sideways. However, this depends upon your body type.

Figuring out how to care for your pillow

Each pillow, depending upon the materials and construction, have different maintenance requirements. Make sure that before you buy you are aware of how it is to be kept and how often it is to be cleaned. This will help you get the most use and comfort out of your pillow.

Choose what works for you

At the end of the day, a pillow is a very individual choice to make. What you like to rest your head on as you sleep depends upon you. Don’t just buy the first pillow you see online. Based on how you sleep and how you like it, get a good quality pillow which will last a while and be good for you and your back.

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