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The Ultimate Online Guide for Diwali Home Decor Shopping

October 19, 2019 By Sandeep Prasad

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Diwali 2019 is just around the corner! Like every year, the rush has already begun to welcome the festival of lights in India. The festivities include lights, home decorations, rangolis, sweets and fire crackers. Diwali is celebrated with great fervour throughout the nation.

Diwali is not only a cultural festival but also a shopping festival that reaps rich dividends for businesses in India. This is the perfect time of the year when brands come up with innovative ideas and discounts rain. The shops are filled with the latest stocks of innovative products. 

The Diwali spirit of cleaning, rearranging and buying new stuff for home has started. Preparing ahead can help you avoid last minute rush. Wink & Nod has compiled a list of home decor ideas that you can purchase online to brighten up your Diwali. Give your home an ultra-festive make-over that captures the essence of celebration. 



Diwali is a great time for you to tidy up your house. Grab this perfect chance to impress your guests with a clean home makeover. Make sure to purchase cleaning items like acids, phenols, cleansing liquids, disinfectants and bleaching powder to clean up floors and bathroom tiles. Also include scrubs, brooms and mops in your shopping list for a maintaining a spick and span look.


air purifiers

Stock up on air fresheners, naphthalene balls and fragrant bathroom sachets that can be simply hung on the walls. Ideally, your home should have a pleasant aura that appeals to both sight and smell.



Diwali is all about colours and light. You can add more life to your home simply by adding a colourful touch. Depending on your budget, you can either opt to paint your entire house or just portions of it. Wall paint is a key aspect in Diwali home decorations. If you are planning to change the wall colour of your living room and have enough time and money, go for attractive wall colours that highlight your living room theme and match the rest of your decorations. To bring in the festive mood, turn up the colour quotient of your living spaces. You can choose from colourful bedding to decorative cushions, royal curtains to rugs and replace the neutrals with bright and glittery reds, blues, and greens.

Designer ceilings

designer ceiling

A designer ceiling can create a dramatic visual impact right at the first glance. From an array of designer ceilings to stunning chandeliers, Diwali offers you everything you need to get that festive makeover feel great. If chandeliers seems like an expensive option, you can always go for affordable choices like a paper lamp or Chinese lantern.



Curtains upgrade the look of a room and are one of the easiest ways to bring a festive look to your home. Choose curtains and drapes for your windows that suit your Diwali theme while decorating your home. So when you are jotting down your Diwali shopping list, ensure to also include curtains, table mats, rugs and other accessories that will give a warm and welcoming look.



Every year, we decorate the entrance and staircase railings with garlands. But did you know that even your windows and coffee tables can be decorated with flowers clubbed with vintage lamps, candle stands, and vases? Go for seasonal floral decor with marigold and roses to make your home fragrant and beautiful. Marigolds are perfect for festive home decoration. The more the merrier! Use them to decorate the doors, staircases, balconies, and of course, the entryways. Sprinkle some roses, lotus and ‘bandanwar’ made up of mango leaves, to fill the house with Diwali festive spirit. Add to that a traditional bowl with few jasmines and rose petals floating around near the doorway – pure heaven!

Aromatic ambience

aromatic ambience

Start from the living room space by placing a bowl filled with aromatic spices or herbs at the coffee table and all around the house. You can get potpourri to keep it smelling divine for family and guests. Instead of modern-day scented candles, you can opt for traditional diyas for a more soothing experience. What’s great about diyas is that you can decorate them on your own. Want more scent? Simply add some scented oils to the diyas. You can also compliment the look with LED string lights and make a bold statement with some colourful lanterns. A mix of both old and new will make your house look wow and guests go aww.

Festive walls


Say goodbye to plain old walls and welcome new wallpapers or huge paintings to bring blank walls to life. If you are planning on wallpapers then think about getting nice pastel floral with bronze or metallic touch. Else think of getting majestic or antique mirrors or painting to go along with the theme.



Diwali does not feel festive enough without diyas. The name ‘Diwali’, also known as the festival of lights means a row of lamps. Shops and online marts offer attractive diyas which you can purchase for your home as well to be gifted to others. Diyas are primarily used because the legend says that after Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, the people of Ayodhya welcomed him home by lighting up their land with small earthen oil lamps. To this day, the tradition is observed in homes across India. The brown-colored clay lamp contains a cotton wick immersed in ghee or oil and is lighted and kept in different patterns in homes. Nowadays, diyas made of different materials and of various shapes, colours and sizes are available too.

Fancy Lights

fancy lights

Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness and hence the festival days are filled with bright lightings. Most of the decorating ideas involve illuminating your home with lights and those include items other than diyas and lamps. Today electric lights or lamps have a special place in the shopping list for Indian festivals. When shopping for Diwali, electric lamps are essential to add more shine to the glow of the festival of lights. Various styles or shapes of bulbs are available in the market which resemble rows of candles or diyas. 

The primary advantage of these lights is that it looks like diyas and are safe to use. However, it is not always mandatory to indulge in diyas and fairy lights. There are different ways to incorporate lights at home. Go for quirky lamp candle stands, morocco lights, chandeliers, and lamps. You can pick all of these, or choose a different look for a different areas to create a unique ambience for your entire home.



Apart from these items, one can also use scented and colourful candles to bring in the festive ambiance. There are different types of lamps like Chinese lamps that are available in different styles and sizes and these can be hung outside the house or kept in a delightful artwork in the front of the house. Lamps and lamp shades can be incorporated instead of sticking to the normal outdoor lights. Creating your own special Diwali lantern can also add a personal touch to the festival.

Rangoli powders


Apart from the lights, another important aspect of Diwali is Rangoli. It is an intricate work of art that features different themes and designs that can be made using colored powder. You can also use different types of flowers along with colored powder to make beautiful designs. Rangoli designs are meant to welcome the goddess of wealth into homes.

Bedroom Decor

bedroom decor

Start by moving out the furniture and dusting the roof and walls. Wash all the fabrics including curtains, pillows and cushion covers, duvets, bedspread, rugs etc. Clean every possible surface using a disinfectant. Clean all glass surfaces using a soft cloth or old newspaper. Don’t forget to clean window panes and doors. Take out your mattress and pillow and cushion fillers and leave it out in the sun for an entire day, this will help remove any dust mites, if any.

While clearing out your wardrobe, empty out all the contents of the closet and wipe off the dust. Make three piles— wear, repair and donate. Once you are done organising through the piles, put back the wear category of clothing back and try to organise it colour and occasion-wise. Donate clothes you no longer wear or don’t see fit in your wardrobe. Use naphthalene or camphor balls in the wardrobe after you are done cleaning to help keep mites away.

If your mattress or pillow is worn out, and you do not feel rested enough the next morning, check out innovative sleep products from online mattress brands that come at great discounts this festive season. Always ensure to purchase from brands that use materials with international certifications like CertiPUR (US) and OEKO-Tek

If you suffer from neck and back pains, this is a great time to buy memory foam orthopedic bed mattress with optimal support and comfort specially crafted for your spinal zone. Those allergic to pollutants and smoke can sleep better this Diwali with activated charcoal infused memory foam pillows. Buy memory foam pillow online that absorbs the harmful invisible dust and smoke particles emitted from firecrackers, so you can breathe easy and sleep safe. Remembering to shut your glass pane windows a couple of days will keep harmful smoke and noise pollution at bay.

Diwali Gifts


Diwali is the perfect time to not only gift yourself the good things in life but also your loved ones. The festivities are filled with sweets, yummy food and desserts. Though gifting such things to your loved ones is special, the lifespan of food in general is short. So, why not give something that easily lasts a decade? Try sending an
online gift card for sleep products that come with a 10 year warranty and 100 day free trial. These gift cards come in a range of prices that fit your budget and have lifetime validity. 


Remember, whatever you do to decorate your home for the festive season should reflect your taste and style. Festivals are all about celebrations. Don’t get too stressed about decorating your home. In addition to having your fill of sweets, crackers, food and fun, also have your fill of blissful sleep!

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