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This Valentine's People Are Finding a Nap More Precious Than Gold

February 13, 2020 By Sandeep Prasad

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In a recent survey, sixty-five percent of respondent couples confessed that they preferred a good long nap to sex on Valentine’s day! Due to hectic personal, social, and professional lives, adults and children alike are trying to take some time off their busy schedules and just relax. 

A nap, whether short or long, does wonders for your physical and mental health. Timely naps not only make us feel rejuvenated but also improve cognitive functions. We feel more in sync with the fast-paced world after a deep hour-long nap, as it increases our focus and retention capacities. Our concentration increases exponentially, as napping reduces feelings of tiredness or restlessness. Further, it boosts our mood, so that we look forward to facing our daily chores and get through the rest of the day. Finally, a nap makes us feel energized afterward and reportedly increases our physical strength. 

What are the different kinds of naps one can possibly take? 

Power nap

Clinical research reveals that short power naps of 10-29 minutes give an ideal boost to our productivity and concentration. Moreover, they reduce sleep latency, fatigue, and constant sleepiness. Although it’s short, it's sweet and highly effective especially during stressful periods, like exams, professional projects, or personal endeavors. 

Half-an-hour nap

Healthcare professionals claim that 30-minute naps can be considered as stage II sleep, which is lighter than deep sleep. Stage III sleep at untimely hours can make us feel groggy later or even sleepless at night. However, with short half-an-hour sleep, we can avoid such mishaps and still wake up feeling better than ever. Studies show that such a well-timed nap can counter the effects of a poor night’s sleep. Thus, it has become extremely popular among professional adults who hardly have enough time to look beyond their screens every day. 

Woman Naps on a Chair

Hour-long nap

As long as it is less than 90 minutes, an hour-long nap is recommended if we plan to stay fresh and ready for action throughout the rest of the day. Experts say that this kind of napping positively affects our memory (facts, events, names, faces, etc.) and also increases our ability to stay alert. However, one must not oversleep, as it might lead to grogginess and make us irritable after. 

90-minute nap

Such a nap means deep sleep, as it makes us go through all the sleep cycles. It can lessen grogginess, increase focus and agility, and aids our study and work. However, health experts put a note of caution: make sure that such a long nap does not mess with your sleep at night. Otherwise, our daily sleep cycles can get negatively affected and the body’s internal clock might suffer setbacks. 

As we can’t carry our beds around everywhere we go, there are various places where we can take a quick shut-eye. For example, in an office environment, we might feel very sleepy after a filling lunch. Instead of trying to work while feeling so tired and missing our bedroom, we can go to the office studio and take a quick 30-minute nap. The result? We come back fresh, focused, and ready for more work. This works for every member of a work-space, from the bottom to the top of the ladder. 

Furthermore, mothers who have just given birth might find it difficult to cope with the sleep cycles of their babies. The trick is to take quick or long naps when the baby sleeps so that the mother can gradually get used to her baby’s sleeping habits. This way, mothers can feel more energetic and patient while dealing with their children as well as their lives. 

In addition, people involved in sports opt for short naps not only for their physical but also their mental benefits. 

While the material world has pervaded our lives, the one thing that has eluded us is rest. As we search for precious gifts for occasions like Valentine, there are people opting for sleep and rest be it at a stay-cation or at their home. Instead of losing their sleep and minds over their day-to-day lives, they are taking time out to rest and relax. As a result, they feel revamped and ready to take on life with a fresh, alert, and focused mindset. A nap, then, is more valuable than any gem on earth!

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