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Understanding the relationship between Ayurveda and Sleep

January 29, 2020 By Sandeep Prasad

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Sleeping is one of our fundamental instincts. It allows us to recharge our body and mind, rejuvenate the blood circulation and maintains our overall health. In this busy and chaotic world, sleep is one of the primary and basic comforts that every individual should fulfill. Any form of imbalance in the pattern or quality of our sleep can lead to various health conditions, including chronic diseases.

The search for quality sleep resides in every class of our society. And it is with Ayurveda that one can find the true restfulness that allows complete recharging of the body and the mind. One must look at the relationship between Ayurveda and sleep as a sort of tool that can be used to achieve healthy living. There are various simple Ayurvedic techniques that can provide quality sleep and help maintain your regular sleeping cycles.

According to Ayurveda, there are three primary types of sleep imbalances. In this article, we are going to take a look at the relationship between Ayurveda and sleep in each of its forms, and try to understand the remedies that are suggested.

Soft sleep imbalance (Vata)

The Vata type sleepers are those who sleep very lightly and can be woken up with the slightest ease. They also dream less than others and are prone to grind their teeth or talk in their sleep. The relationship between Ayurveda and sleep states that these sleepers lack sleep during night hours. This leads to irregular sleep cycles and can easily be the cause of insomnia. Not being able to adhere to a singular sleep cycle can mean that your body is unable to rejuvenate.

While Vata type sleepers don’t necessarily lack the quantity of sleep, what they lack is, quality. Since the sleep is very light, the body is unable to enter its proper restorative phase. There are a number of ayurvedic exercises that one can use to cure their light sleeping disorders. 

Difficulty to sleep (Pitta)

The Pitta type sleepers are deep sleepers and vivid dreamers. They also don’t find it difficult to fall back into sleep if woken up, and it is not difficult to wake them up either. However, these sleepers suffer from the problem of being unable to fall asleep when required. They will often stay up late hours but sleep deeply once they fall asleep. As a result, they lack the proper amount of sleep and wake up restless.

Ability to balance one’s sleep is something that lies within the knowledge of Ayurveda. The relationship between Ayurveda and sleep is one that benefits the latter through the betterment of practices. If you suffer from Pitta type sleeping imbalances, there are various Ayurvedic remedies that you can try. These range from various physical exercises to different tonics that help you fall asleep easily.

An excessive sleep disorder (Kapha)

Those who sleep very deeply and for long hours are also bound to develop various physical ailments. Not being able to wake up with ease can also cause one’s concentration power to weaken. Kapha type sleepers don’t have a problem dreaming, but their sleep is the deepest during the early morning hours. And it is in these hours that one’s mind should find the most amount of exercise.

If you are sleeping excessively, it means that you are once again not able to balance your sleep. If you study the relationship between Ayurveda and sleep you will realize that what your body requires is a cycle it can adhere to. With the help of Ayurvedic practices and medicine, you can achieve this cycle and lead a healthy life. After all, the primary concern of Ayurveda is to provide one with the ability to master their health through simple changes in the lifestyle.

What does science say?

Scientists are of fair certainty that sleep cycles are related to one’s health and the lack of it can lead to various health conditions in the body and mind. And when it comes to the relationship between Ayurveda and sleep, science almost agrees to every step that has been provided in the ancient books. According to Ayurveda, the quality of sleep is more than what one eats when it comes to maintaining health. And as a result of this study, Ayurveda heavily weighs in on how to correct ones sleeping quality, cycle and postures.

Summing up

The study of Ayurveda is vast and highly expansive and the relationship between Ayurveda and sleep is such that it holds this basic human action in the highest of regards. The three types of sleep disorders mentioned in Ayurveda confirm almost all the basic sleep disorders that are stated by modern science. And while it may seem that this ancient study is merely grouping disorders, it is rather grouping remedies that can cure multiple disorders.

If you are someone who is facing problems with sleeping regularly then further study into the relationship between Ayurveda and sleep will surely help your cause. There are various basic level exercises that you can try and if you think that your disorder is tending towards the extreme you can opt for a range of herbal tonics.

A deep and quality sleep along with regular sleep cycles is the best way to maintain a healthy body. And this is what the relationship between Ayurveda and sleep is all about.

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