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Wink & Nod Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

September 12, 2018 By Keerthi Balakumar

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Recently I got to experience the Wink & Nod cool gel memory foam mattress. In this post, I am reviewing the 7 inches Wink & Nod cool gel mattress.

Before reviewing the product, let me tell you about the company. Wink & Nod is an innovative mattress and sleep product company that offers high quality at a good price. They design the mattresses in the USA and India and manufacture them using the most innovative techniques and highest industry standards.

Wink & Nod is the only company that uses internationally certified materials for both foam and textiles use i.e.- CertiPUR-US (foam certification) and OEKO-TEX® (textile certification). They source the best material in the industry from across the world including the USA, China, and India.

Wink & Nod sell the mattresses for most common available beds like single, queen and king. However, if you don’t see the mattress for your bed size, you can order a custom size mattress. My bed size was not available on the website. So I gave them the dimensions and they delivered the customized mattress within 2 weeks

Their mattresses come in two thickness sizes- 5 inches and 7 inches. I am using the mattress having a thickness of 7 inches. Both mattresses offer 4 layers: removable and breathable mattress cover, cool gel memory foam, high-density support foam, and a non-slip base layer to ensure optimal support and temperature control.

7 Inch Mattress

On a scale of 1 [softest] – 10 [firmest]), the 7-inch mattress is around 7. It provides perfect back and posture support without compromising on comfort and coziness.

The feeling is “just right” with a conforming feeling without the traditional “sinking” feeling of other memory foam mattresses. It's a luxurious model and is great for post deep, relaxing sleep.

It comes with a trial period of 100 days and a warranty of 10 years.

I am using this mattress and found it very comfortable.

You can see the inside of 7-inch mattress in the image:

Inside 5 Inch Mattress


5 Inch Mattress
On a scale of 1 [softest] – 10 [firmest]), the 5-inch mattress is around 8. So it's slightly firmer than the 7-inch model. It's good for older aged people as well as people with back or neck issues.

It comes with a trial period of 50 days and a warranty of 5 years.

You can see the inside of 5-inch mattress in the image:

Inside 5 Inch Mattress
Following is the image to compare both mattresses:

Comparison of 7 Inch and 5 Inch Mattress

You can buy the 7 inch mattress and 5 inch mattress from their website. Cash on delivery is also available. They even have a 0% EMI on all credit cards.

The trial period is not available for custom mattresses. If you want to experience their mattresses, you can visit Wink & Nod Studio in Pune.

They ship the mattress via FedEx and the shipping is free. The product is extremely convenient as it calls for no assembly. Simply accept the delivery in a small box and place the mattress wherever you want to.

To know more about the mattress, you can visit their website:, call them at 7009145595 or email them at


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