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Snow Pillow

Cool-gel infused memory foam pillow for temperature control

₹. 2,900

Mist Pillow

Super soft microfiber for cloud like comfort

₹. 1,950

Carbon Pillow

Charcoal infused memory foam pillow for total pollution control

₹. 2,999

The Design

When trying to buy pillows, we’re fully aware of dilemmas faced by a customer and the hassles involved. There are so many important things that might run through your mind. Should I visit a showroom first? Or instead buy pillow online? Which variant will suit my body? Memory foam, Cotton, Feather, Polyester Fibrefill or Latex?

These are the perfect set of questions you should be asking. Good news is if you’re looking for the best memory foam pillow for your bed, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. We craft the latest innovations in sleep tech and offer you cutting-edge, scientifically advanced products amidst the vast ocean of brands out there. If you’re searching for the best pillow for sleeping, we’re hands down the best certified brand offering international certifications like Certi-PUR(US) and OEKO-Tek that ensure safety for your health. These certifications prove that our pillows constitute only 100% genuine material and comes in pocket-friendly prices. Stay safe from allergies / infections and enjoy long lasting comfort and support. Check out our anti-pollution pillow ‘Carbon’ if you are hygiene/pure sleep craver. Carbon constitutes activated charcoal infused memory foam and purifies the air you breathe indoors in your bedroom. If you are a hot sleeper living in warm weather conditions, our ‘Snow’ pillow offers temperature-controlled all-weather zen comfort. It constitutes cool-gel infused memory foam that cools you down in a jiffy. If you are fluffiness lover, we have the ultimate cuddle buddy named “Mist” exclusively for you. Made from the finest microfiber filling, the ultra-soft Mist wafts you to sleep like no other. These are specially designed to provide optimal support and comfort needed for your head, neck and upper lumbar region. If you are looking for a pillow for neck pain, try out our novel cloud memory foam neck pillow. Crafted with superior memory foam enclosed in Kooltex fabric, Cloud offers unmatched neck support and instant cooling comfort whether you are travelling, working or simply trying to sleep sitting down.

So, go ahead, explore our site more, discover our sleep products and learn the specifications. Explore the dream-like benefits offered by each product. We’ve made the process of buying memory foam pillows online a breeze . Start sleeping with Wink & Nod and enjoy magical dreams!

Find your fit among our pillows!

Find your fit among our pillows!

Features Snow Carbon Mist
Total Thickness 4.5 inch 4.5 inch 5 inch
Size 24 x 16 inches 24 x 16 inches 27 x 18 inches
Memory Foam
Infusion Cool-gel Charcoal
Cover Removable Removable Non-removable
Recommended for Back sleepers Stomach sleepers Side sleepers
1 year warranty