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Pollution-free restful sleep with this premium charcoal-infused memory foam pillow


Standard 24 x 16 inch | 61.0 x 40.6 cm


₹. 2,999

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Product Specifications

Size Guide

24 x 16 inches | 61.0 x 40.6 cm


Best Pillow for front and Back sleeper.

The Carbon pillow comes with a removable and washable polyester fabric outer cover and a 100% poly jersey fabric inner cover. The pillow is filled with 1200g pure Polyutherane foam infused with activated charcoal, which helps absorb and capture pollutants, toxins, and pathogens.

For improved circulation, the Carbon pillow also features an air flow system, with punched air holes which helps keeping the pillow feeling fresh and new.

Wink & Nod uses internationally certified materials (CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-Tek®).


1 year warranty


Free shipping in India


Charcoal infused memory foam pillow

Filter indoor pollutants with activated charcoal

The Carbon
                        Pillow is Wink &
                        Nod's charcoal-infused memory foam pillow, designed to
                        be fresher and

Natural anti-pollution remedy

Activated charcoal protects you and
your family from pollutants, toxins, and disease-carrying microbes

Feel fresh and new

The Carbon pillow’s air flow circulation channels keep it feeling fresh and new even after prolonged use

Easy to use and enjoy

Comes with removable and washable zipper-equipped outer cover and a poly blend fabric inner cover

Freshness in a box

Your Carbon pillow comes vacuum-sealed and is delivered directly to your doorstep; and shipping is free!

The Design

As pioneers of this design, our goal was to create a memory foam pillow that offers supreme comfort, support and at the same time act as an effective anti-pollution snooze guard. Carbon constitutes memory foam infused with activated charcoal. Charcoal is a natural anti-allergen and absorbs pollution, dust mites and moisture, purifying the air that you breathe. It is also anti-microbial and filters pathogens. Carbon has proved to be the most advanced Wink & Nod pillow when it comes to incorporating the latest in sleep tech. Welcome home pure deep sleep.

Carbon Magic

  • Memory foam adapts to your head ensuring you sleep comfortably in any position
  • Punched holes on the pillow promote air-circulation keeping the pillow fresh & dry
  • Removable and washable outer cover made of breathable poly fabric for easy maintenance
  • Best suited for stomach sleepers, ideal for areas with air pollution

The Carbon pillow is designed to deliver freshness and restful sleep every night even after prolonged use. This charcoal memory foam pillow protects and safeguards you and your family like an alert watchdog.

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