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Citrus Lime Citrus Lime Citrus Lime Citrus Lime Citrus Lime Bamboo Towels Bamboo Towels
Natural Bamboo Fiber Towels

Turn your bathroom into a spa

Citrus Lime
M.R.P.: ₹. 1,200
₹. 1,080

Inclusive of shipping and taxes

Product Specifications

Size Guide

Bath Towel
70 x 140 cm | 28 x 55 inches
Hand Towel
34 x 75 cm | 13 x 30 inches


What makes a Wink & Nod towel:

100% long staple Bamboo

Wink & Nod towels are made of long staple bamboo to give you a super soft feather-like touch. Zero pilling towels that gets softer with every wash!

All you need in a towel

The plush bamboo fabric is made to be high absorbing and quick drying to make your morning routine anything but ordinary.

Safe on your skin

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, a very vital component in bathrooms.

UV Screen

Bamboo is also an effective retardant of UV radiation. Stay safe from irritants.


Wink & Nod towels are 100% natural and eco-friendly. Certified for the absence of harmful chemicals during manufacturing.

Optimal Yarn count

The Wink & Nod towel has optimal yarn count combined with the perfect weave. This gives the finest texture to the towel and the softest feel on your skin.

Wink & Nod’s innovative towels are manufactured using internationally certified OEKO-Tek® fabric.


1 year warranty


7-10 days
(*Terms & conditions apply)


Free shipping in India

Quick Dry

India’s most innovative towels

The Best towel for every style

Why you’ll love our towels

  • Super-Soft

    Premium long staple bamboo gives the ultimate rich & cozy feel

  • Nature Fresh

    Completely natural and eco-friendly fabric refreshes your mornings

  • Quick Dry

    Bamboo towels absorb and evaporate moisture quicker for faster reuse

  • Skin-Friendly

    Stay safe from bacteria, allergies and UV radiation with natural bamboo

Make boring showers blissful!

Super luxurious towel that turns your bathroom into a spa instantly!


Super luxurious towel that turns your bathroom into a spa instantly!


Frequently Asked Questions

What do your towels feel like?

Wink & Nod towels are made of 32 Yarn count 2 ply 100% long staple bamboo to give you a super soft feather-like touch. Zero pilling towels that gets softer with every wash.

How absorbent are your towels?

Our towels are as absorbent as they come- they can absorb a litre of water in seconds! Say goodbye to sopping wet bathroom floors.

How fast does your towel dry?

Our Towels dry faster than ordinary cotton towels and they don’t smell either. One of the most amazing aspects of bamboo is that bacteria doesn’t survive well in this fabric; most towels tend to smell and bacteria can grow quickly, but bamboo dries quickly so bacteria can’t thrive.

Are your towels hypoallergenic?

Yes! Our towels are skin friendly as bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic. Not only is the material renewable (and thus environmentally-friendly), but it's highly-absorbent, breathable, soft, and resistant to odor, mold, and bacteria.

Do the towels stay soft?

Our towles get softer after each wash! You won't have to worry about ruining them in the wash, instead you can expect even softer towels when you take them out of the dryer.

How should I care for the towels?

We encourage you to wash your towels separately in warm water, using a mild, environmentally friendly detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

The colors are so beautiful? Will they fade?

Our towels are free of harmful synthetic dyes, making them safer for you and healthier for the planet, but more susceptible to discoloration when exposed to certain harsh chemicals. Chemicals to avoid include (but are not limited to): bleaching materials, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and benzoyl peroxide (commonly found in acne medications, anti-aging creams, hair-dye products, teeth whitening systems and more).

Oops! I used fabric softener. Now what?

Mistakes happen. If you do use fabric softener, add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your next wash cycle to soften your towels.

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